Decision Inc.

The Latin roots and Greek origins of the word information dates back to the 14th century meaning to train, instruct or teach. In modernity, however, the meaning of the word transitioned to communicating something to someone. The advent of computers in the 20th century has seen the creation of new data, and new demands being placed on people and organisations to convert this data into meaningful information, unlocking new and far-reaching possibilities for those able to achieve this.

The 21th century is now placing increasing demands on organisations to drive growth and efficiency in an increasingly inter-connected world, by accessing external sources of data to refine their own information, and turning this into intelligence – now known as Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. This capability of organisations to transform data to information, and information to intelligence has truly become the last remaining source of competitive differentiation.

Decision Inc. and South African Enterprise Development have entered into a partnership – each bringing together their respective capabilities and networks – to take the art of Information Management to the next level.

South African Enterprise Development is a trusted advisor and partner in the growth journey of exceptional businesses. Our investment will enhance the sustainability and growth of Decision Inc., a business that has distinguished itself as a leading Information Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence technology service provider since 2014.

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