Investment Criteria

In order to qualify for possible investment by SAED, businesses should broadly demonstrate a combination of some or all of the following characteristics:


  • Desirable product / service in growth market
  • Proven and reliable management team who have a desire to take their businesses to the next level
  • Investments will ideally unlock organic / acquisitive expansion opportunities
  • Preference to investment in black owned / controlled entities where BEE participation can be enhanced
  • Investments should lead to sustainable job creation and skills development


  • Equity stakes of between 25% and 100% in businesses with an established business model and proven track record of profitability / cash flow generation (not venture capital nor greenfield investments)
  • Investments will typically require funding of between R10 million and R30 million per investment
  • Enterprises must have barriers to entry, excellent prospects for growth and a sustainable profit outlook
  • Limited debt will be used in the underlying investments to give them the best opportunity for success and growth
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