Whilst the earliest sketch of a two wheeled mode of transport dates back to the era of Leonardo da Vinci, it was German Karl Drais who invented the first Laufmaschine (German for running machine) in 1817.
However, it took another 40 years for the Laufmaschine to gain pedal power. Since that time, the bicycle has been the subject of relentless innovation, spawning a new form of sport. The need to enhance physical performance through a man / machine interface is now engrained from a young age. Most children have fond memories of riding a bicycle for the first time, which brought about a transition to a new epoch – from toddler, to child.

In the 21st century, new technologies have seen the business of cycling and related products grow exponentially to serve over a billion people across the globe who use the two wheeled invention of Drais for recreation, transport and sport. In many countries around the world, cycling has become the fastest growing sport.

Essential to the continued development of the sport is access to world leading brands and technologies that drive innovation in bicycle design, event management, clothing, footwear, bicycle transport and related services.

ASG and South African Enterprise Development have entered into a partnership – each bringing together their respective capabilities and networks – to take the business of cycling to the next level.

South African Enterprise Development is a trusted advisor and partner in the growth journey of exceptional businesses. Our investment will enhance the sustainability and growth of ASG, an owner and exclusive distributor of leading international sports and cycling brands and event manager since 2006.

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